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To be assigned games, you need to reach out to local Referee Assignors.  Reach out to them now, let them know that you are an entry level referee in the Marple Newtown area and would like to be added to their weekly email list.  When they have games, they issue a weekly email, you then respond with your availability.  Remember, you are working as an individual contractor, therefore, you  need to be responsible for your schedule and not cancel when assigned games, unless an unanticipated even occurs.  If you need to cancel, provide as much advance notice as possible.

Local Referee Assignors - Referee Assignors – Eastern Pennsylvania Referee Program (

A few decent videos to watch on referring soccer games.
Referee Signals

Advice for New Referees
Advice to New Referees 050313 - YouTube

AR Signals, it is helpful.

Uniform and Equipment

Starter Kits: USSF Referee Starter Kits (  At a minimum, you need an official USSF yellow shirt, black shorts, socks, flags, cards, whistle and stopwatch.  The starter kits on this site make it easy.  After working for a while and you are sure you plan to continue with this, you should order a few alternate color shirts such as red, green, etc.

For information on next steps, review the information on the EPSARC What’s Next page - After the Field Session – What’s Next? – Eastern Pennsylvania Referee Program (

Download the IFAB Laws of the Game app for your phone, it’s a great resource to have and it is free.

The Referee Fees for games are available here.  Be sure to know the amount for your crew when arriving to the field.  Each team is required to pay half the fee to the ref crew before the game begins. Referee Fees 2020/21 | Eastern PA Youth Soccer (

Most games that you officiate will be Central League Soccer games.  The CLS Game Rules are found here, be sure to know when substitutions can occur and length of the game halves.  Review the rules with both coaches before the game starts. CLS Playing Rules | Central League Soccer

Intramural Soccer Referee's

The Intramural Soccer Referee Manual is available here: